Zenith Seats and Accessories

We started out by making seats for EAA's One Week Wonder, Zenith CH 750 Cruzer. Since then, we've been helping builders with new seats as many were able to see and try out the seats on it's tour of airports.

We are also currently working on adding pieces to help finish out your aircraft.

All of our seats are made with different densities of foam, purposefully placed for comfort. The ergonomics of the seat have been well thought out and we think you'll agree.

Another thing that we offer is customization. You've thought about every step of your construction and envision how your finished airplane might look and that's where we come in to help bring that to fruition.

We have many colors and materials to choose from and will help you through the design process.

Contact us for samples or questions - flightline@tds.net



These pieces and prices are for the CH 750 STOL and the CH 750 Cruzer.

Seats (2) in fabric, vinyl or a combination $850.00
Seats (2) in leather $1,350.00
Control stick boot $75.00
Forward carpet (2) $60.00
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