RV4, RV8 & RV8A Seats and Accessories


We have re-designed our RV-4 & 8 seats for maximum comfort and better styling. The changes include:

  • Ease of Height modifications
  • All come standard with a hidden 5-point harness slot
  • Move-able lumbar support
  • Seatback attachment (prevents seat from sliding down)
  • Can be upgraded to all confor-foam
  • Optional headrest for rear passenger

All of our seats are custom made to order. With a variety of color and material options. Call or email flightline@tds.net for color samples.

Finishing Accessories

Our side panels add insulation and comfort to your interior without sacrificing room. They are made with Velcro to attach which also makes it easy for inspection.

5 pockets are included with the panels and can be customized for each order. We’ve also included the EXPERIMENTAL embroidery and a clear pocket for your Operating Limitations Paperwork.
We also have a rear passenger headrest, the hardware necessary to install it is included. This would be made to match your seats.

Control Stick boots, Armrests and Carpeting can also be added to finish out your aircraft. We've been working on a more complete carpet for the RV8 and RV8A that would include rubber heel pads in the footwells for durability. Here are some pictures of a set ready to be shipped out.

You may also want to visit our Construction Products page for other RV items.

Custom Made Seat Set (Fabric, faux leather or combination) $1,441.00
Custom Made Seat Set in Ultraleather $1,782.00
Custom Made Seat Set in Leather $2,082.00
Upgrade to all Confor-foam $250.00
Headrest for Rear Seat $97.00
Interior Side Panels (14 pieces) includes 4 storage pockets $795.00
Armrests (4) $175.00
Control Stick Boot (forward or rear) $95.00
Control Stick Boot in Leather (forward or rear) $120.00
RV-8 & 8A Carpet (7 pieces) $310.00
Additional Boosters $68.00/each
Front Seat Back Storage Pocket $65.00
Upholstery of Oregon Aero or Van's Seat Foam $975.00
Upholstery of Oregon Aero or Van's Seat Foam in Leather $1,814.00
Give us a call at 262-364-6166 or email us at flightline@tds.net to place your order
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