RV 14, 14A

Seats and Accessories

Our seats for the RV-14 models are made with different densities of high quality foam to provide the ultimate in comfort. Many color and material options are available, just call or email and we can help you put together a combination that creates the design you are looking for.

  • Our seats are all made with the hidden 5 point harness attachment slot
  • All seats have adjustable lumbar cushioning
  • Sidepanels insulate for added comfort

You may also want to visit our CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS page for other RV related items.


Give us a call at 262-364-6166 or email us at flightline@tds.net  to place an order

Custom made seat set  ( Vinyl, fabric or a combination   ) $1,492.00
Custom made seat set in Ultra leather $1,833.00
Custom made seat set in leather $2,008.00
Control Stick boots $90.00
1" thick booster $60.00
2" thick booster $70.00
Armrests (2) $95.00
Armrests (2) in leather $125.00
Forward Carpet $225.00
Baggage Carpet $100.00
Sidepanel kit $660.00
Sidepanel pocket (small) $30.00
Sidepanel pocket (medium) $35.00
Sidepanel pocket (large) $40.00
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