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Avionics Cover for RV-6, 7 & 9 Models

Flightline Interiors in now offering an avionics cover to help protect your investment.

The cover is made with a flame resistant urethane material. Each cover can be modified to fit your individual needs for wiring that may need to pass through the cover.

It attaches to the bottom of the instrument panel with no clearance or interference issues.

The cover is $60.00 to order please contact us at or 262-364-6166.

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Aileron Pushrod Boots

Aileron boots keep cold air out of the cockpit  without any resistance to the aileron movement. The lightweight material blocks any airflow between the wing and the fuselage.

We’ve developed a new boot that couldn’t be easier to install, fitting right over the pushrod tube and attaching to the fuselage with an attach ring and high adhesive Velcro.

These boots can be installed before the wing is attached or if you are flying it can be attached easily to the inside of the fuselage without going over the end of the pushrod. Velcro along the side of the boot makes this possible.


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Headset straps

Wide choice of colors in vinyl. Comes with attachment hardware.

$18.00 per pair. To order please contact us at or 262-364-6166.


Pair of aileron boots $45.00
Give us a call at 262-364-6166 or email us at to place your order.
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